let's get this party started!!!

First off, let's answer some of those questions that have been going around.

Question #1 (regarding me quitting):

No, I am not leaving the blogosphere anytime soon. I am, however, going to use my time more wisely. What has happened as of late is sad. It's true. But perhaps it happened for a reason, as I've gained some pretty good personal perspective. I have grown to appreciate the time I do have with the baby that I do have. And I have been reminded of what matters most to me; my priorities versus my hobbies.

Question #2 (regarding the aforementioned {B}ash):
In order to participate, just come and visit everyday as there will be something new and exciting --no promises though; I do have a toddler, and a boy at that! But I have a few fun things on the docket, such as, but not limited to: said party hats, discounts at "the spa", an upcoming tag, thought provoking polls, various freebies, a super swap, and some spotlights. Basically, I want to do a lot of fun things that I've sorta missed out on for the last little while. And I hope to have some equally fun participants!

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Now, with that out of the way, it's time to partay!!! My first act as party hostess (with-the-mostest :) is to give you, my lovely guests, your very own party hat!!! I've been working on these bad boys for quite a while now, and I was kinda saving them for such an occasion as this --aka. my birthday. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and oh so fun! I have already donned my festive headgear and it is now time for you to get all gussied up, too!

So this is how it will work:
with every new post, for the rest of this month, I will be giving out party hat favors! Now don't forget that these posts are FUN posts, in and of themselves. This is the first of many {B}happy posts and this is also the post where you will receive your own hat. The next post will then be accompanied by some sort of fancy doodah (ie. sparkle-swirls). And the post after that, with another element (ie. pom-pom). And so on and so forth. And when all is said and done, we'll all dress up and have fun! Thereby spreading the happiness. Voila:

{B}uild A Hat, part I

ETA: this freebie is no longer available. Basically, I goofed.
You can get the
real one here:

Like I said, I am ready to be happy. I am ready to party! *B


  1. Since I am the first to comment, I believe I should get a special party hat. You always come up with the funnest ideas. It is your talent. I hope your party goes well sis.

    P.S.-This blogging stuff has really started to grow on me.

  2. Im not all HiP on this kind of stuff like you... so how do I get a party hat... I LoVE PaRTieS... esp party hats!

    Welcome back Beth... I'm so thankful that my prayers for you have been answered.

  3. Oh yeah...

    P.S. where do you do all this cute stuff. I want to learn.

  4. Great and fun idea! I'm trying to figure out how to do this exactly. (Remember I'm your poor old gray haired mother!!)

  5. Let's get started to party hardy. Cute hat and the whole premise sounds just too fun.

  6. Beth, you're too fun. What a cute idea. I must defnitely have a hat... Oh, and I'm glad you sound so much happier. I've missed your blogs!

  7. I'm so sorry about all your sad events in Oct. I hope November is looking up. We've missed you over at Creative Blogs.

  8. Yay! A party!! :) Oh, Happy late birthday. :)

  9. Anonymous9:40 AM

    what a great concept... love the party hat. Thank you. - Lori


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