more decor

  • Wall-art/wannabe-vinyl from this store 
  • Plates are from the dollar store, with vinyl cut by these two 
  • Pumpkin man and feather wreath from the spoiler (aka. mom)
  • Spooky books: Poe collection, The Graveyard Book, and Dracula.  I highly recommend all of them.
And the cross-stitch is done by moi.  I finished it the day after Halloween last year.  I almost couldn't find it and I was in the process of throwing a fit about it when I finally found it.  I realize cross-stitch isn't for everybody.  It is kinda reminiscent of stencils-stamped-on-the-walls days...  But, I adore needlework of all kind (one of my preferred hobbies).  Anyway, the purple netting is recycled/reused from a bouquet of flowers my dear hub brought me over a month ago.  And the little ghosties floating in it are from a festive light necklace that went dead.  Cheers for puns and being resourceful ;)

Can anyone guess what's on the compuTV?  I'll give you a BIG hint: it's one of my all-time favorite movies, regardless the season.  My brothers think I'm kinda morbidly obsessed with the macabre...  Maybe they're right.  Halloween is, after all, my favorite holiday.  *B


  1. I love love love, all of your decorating. Halloween is my favorite holiday too. I think Christmas is a close second, but Halloween first, less stress. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that all your decorations are super cute, and I want to move into your house at least until Halloween is over we'll see what your Christmas decor looks like! ;o)

  2. THAT CHAIR! And THOSE PLATES! LOVE! I can't see the needleword very well. I even tried making the picture bigger. I'm sure it's totally awesome even though I can't see it. How's that for confidence in your abilities???

  3. Love the Vinyl!

  4. The plates are my favorite! Nice job, and even on a budget!

  5. Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?!

    LOVE the movie!! Have you ever seen Monster House? Nightmare before christmas was my favorite... until I saw Monster House. :)

  6. Your house really looks so cute! It is sad to say that I don't have a single Halloween decoration (except for the plastic pumpkin that Matthew took trick-or-treating last year...). But I guess I'm that way for every holiday except Christmas. Maybe someday I'll get a nice collection.


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