happy haunting

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Halloween?  Yes, I probably have...  Well, this October has been great!  We haven't had to deal with a loss of any kind (baby or house), so I've allowed myself to decorate to my heart's desire and to let myself be really happy.   I am truly content, which is such a wonderful feeling.

I look around our cozy little family room and every wall makes me smile.  I can't decide what has me grinning the most, but I'm particularly fond of my beadboard wall.  Helloooo beadboard!  ;)

While I'm not a huge fan of candy/sweets, I am, however, loving my treat-filled apothecary jars.  Yay for 50% coupons!  The "deadly desserts" sign is just perfect for that space, too.  Yay for the dollar store!  I am also completely thrilled with how my burlap bunting turned out.  More on that later... Yay for tutorials?  But, I adore Will's embroidered pillow the most.  I couldn't have stitched it better myself!  *B


  1. I just LOVE it!
    (p.s. thank you for the heart felt comment :)

  2. Mine looks awesome too! Thank you!

  3. Looks so fun and classy!

  4. Your decorations are so awesome. Seriously your spirit for halloween has gotten me into the spirit of getting more decorations! :)

  5. I am your biggest commenter today!
    LOVE that banner! Your house looks adorable Beth- invite me over so I can comment on how cute everything is :)


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