broadway review

We went to our first school performance as parents' of a performer.  There is something magical about watching your child on stage.  I was close to tears the entire time.  Happy tears, of course.  I was just so proud to see him up there, strutting his stuff and singing his heart out.  Might I add that my dear boy can carry a tune like no other little five year old boy with blond, spiky hair can ;)  And you should have seen his little sister!  She was his biggest fan, crying when he left the stage, and then beaming when he returned.  So cute.

I was also proud of all the other performers, young and "old" (grades K-12).  I couldn't stop myself from smiling and applauding.  I just kept thinking of how their parents' must feel, and how our Father in Heaven must feel...  These children are such a gift, especially when sharing their talents with others.  Such a sweet experience.  And I can't wait until the next one!  *B


  1. It really was wonderful!! I was so proud of him. He knew every action and every word. And smiled! You could tell how much he enjoyed performing. I was honored to be there.

  2. Cute! I hope my kids do stuff like.


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