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It's October y'all!  Woot woots for everyone :)  I hope you don't mind, but most posts from now until November 1st will probably be Halloween-related.  And if you do mind, well then I'm sorry.  But not really, because this is my blog.  Seriously though, who hates Halloween?  The crazies, that's who.  And vampires...

My halls are decked and properly spookified!  Our wee little home is pretty tricked-out.  Want to see?  Good, because I'm going to show you!  Today's post features my little entryway table/desk/thing.  It's in desperate need of a makeover (just waiting for the heat to pass)... but at least the stuff sitting on it is cute!  At least, I think so.  The super cool stuff like the tree, plaque (and spidered mirror) are all courtesy of my mom.  Story of my life.  Not complaining!  Pretty sure it's all from Orange Patch, too.  Love that place.  But notice the candy corn garland (take that Lolly Jane!), and my vintage Halloween blocks.  Maybe you're unimpressed.  Which is sad, because I'm thrilled with how they both turned out!  If you do like them, then let's be friends.  Oh, and I'll share my secrets with you, too.  Because decorating is fun.  Halloween decorating is funner.  And Halloween decorating on a budget is funnest!

The garland is pretty straight-forward.  Sorry, I don't have any fun step-by-step photos...  But I'm confident you can figure it out!  You'll need black embroidery floss, candy corn, and a hot glue gun (including the glue).  FYI, I tried threading the candy corn.  The first two threaded just fine, and then I proceeded to break ten in a row and decide the hot glue gun route is best.  Put a little glue on the candy corn tip, attach floss to candy (not the other way around).  Space candy corn every 2 inches.  After you've got 6 glued and attached to the floss, go back and add just a dot of glue on top of the now embedded thread.  Repeat until you've reached desired length.  I left about 6 inches of the floss un-candied at the ends, for attachment purposes.  Let the glue cool completely before you move anything, and be careful to avoid tangles!  I cannot emphasize that enough.  Candy corn garland = fun.  Tangled candy corn garland = nightmare.

These blocks are probably my favorite decoration in my entire house.  I didn't have any appropriate scrapbook paper, so I went and grabbed some digi goodness.  And because I love all things vintage, I scoured the internet and found sweet little Halloween images.  Look at those precious pictures!  Anyway, I just worked a little ModPodge/distressing magic, and voila.  Oh, they make me so happy!  I plan on doing the same thing for other holidays.  Can you imagine the cuteness of Christmas?  Valentine's day?!  Goodness gracious.  If, by chance, you'd like to make these same blocks, here they are.   Just click and save as.  Images are 2.5 x 2.5.  The tops of the blocks are made with the Shabby Princess Halloween Sampler.  I already had wood blocks and I just printed everything out on my home printer.  Super cute and super free!  My favorite.

So there you have it!  I just HAD to share; everyone deserves to have a haunted house ;)  Oh, and there's a giveaway on the Mess, too.  Yes, it's more Halloween hullabaloo.  And yes, I have more than the one wall/table decorated.  Trust me, I have more.  *B

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  1. Oh i totally LOVE it!
    The blocks are adorable & that tree would be so easy to make.
    Dollar store foam cone, a bag of feathers and some hot glue.
    I can see it now. So cute!~

  2. Beth - I love the blocks! I just really don't love Halloween with all the icky stuff. But those vintage blocks are so cute. Thanks for sharing the image. I love it!~

  3. Deco is SO awesome. I definitely need more scariness over here. BUT, I did make this candy corn wreath for my door. Super fun, but it looks like I need to broaden my horizon. ;)

  4. ooh looks spooky over there! I love that feather tree...my mind is now adding yet another cute DIY project to my list of millions.

  5. I love all of it! SO CUTE and festive!


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