crafting at night

Bad lighting, but boy do I love me some cross-stitch! Hopefully I'll finish it before Thanksgiving... my track record isn't too great, seeing as I just finished my Halloween needlework yesterday. True story. Don't judge. *B


  1. Yeah...I've got lots of partially-finished crafts sitting around. And I REALLY need to get my cross stitch done for baby's arrival.

  2. Good for you. Yesterday was a very productive day! You need to show off your quilts, too.

  3. Beth! I am so glad that you are posting more. Me and Carola were just talking today while at the playground how we miss you. It really does suck that you live so far away.
    I have completely enjoyed your several last posts. Especially pics of Will and Elsie. You guys look so happy. Um,. we need you here to organize our Twilight outing. It seems we all "sort of" want to go to the midnight showing, but no one has bought the tickets yet. we'll see...

  4. You are such a busy, crafty woman!


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B