truly random

*If it's true, this is my 365th post. That's a year's worth of posts over three years...
*Had a rough week this past week... even though it was the week of thanks, I had a difficult time focusing on what we have and unfortunately focused more on things we don't have. Like a job. Or a house. Or just our own place with our own furniture would be nice. Passing the CA Bar would have been even nicer...
*I've been throwing myself into crafting. It's a happy distraction, at times. I really want to make these. And I'd really like to get my Christmas quilts quilted. I didn't quite finish my Thanksgiving cross-stitch, but maybe, just maybe, I'll finish my Christmas stitchery on time ;) I'm also dreaming up a Christmas granny square pillow, made out of some beautiful brick colored Alpaca wool I got for my birthday (thanks Mom!).
*After hours of agonizing and comparing apartments, we've decided that maybe buying a condo/townhouse might be a smart investment... because a two bedroom townhouse is cheaper than a two bedroom apartment. True story. So maybe we'll live in a condo for a year or two, get our life back in order, and then rent it out when we eventually move up in the world. We'll see. We did place a bid on a rather nice townhouse close by. We'll see. It's funny though, because I swore I would NEVER buy a condo. Never. And now we just might. I'm trying not to think about it, because it makes me mad that I'm not moving into a (4 bedroom) house. I'm also trying not to think about it because the thoughts of having our own place again (even if just a condo) just seems too good to be true, and I'm tired of having my heart broken...
*I need to cut my boys' hair. Wishing my little girl's hair would grow a bit more... especially since every now and then I catch a glimpse of strawberry blond curls.
*I wish I could be happy for others and their miracles, but more often than not I'm left feeling bitter. I hate that.
*I'm tired of crying. Lots of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth going on over here. I hate it.
*I love Bing Crosby. And Ella Fitzgerald. And Frank Sinatra. And Christmas music. I love Pandora! I also love Hulu and Netflix. They've saved us from Cable withdrawals.
*Am I really the only one who thought that sending a M.A.L.P. through the Narnia wardrobe was hilarious?! That's embarassing, haha.
*Saw New Moon (with my baby brother and my clueless father) and liked it. It was definitely better than Twilight. But it was still lame... because let's face it, the books themselves are lame. Reading cheesy fantastical romances is hugely different than watching it. That being said, how inappropriately hot was Jacob?! Wow. If I weren't such a vampire fan - a love and obsession long before the Twilight saga - I'd be team Jacob. If I were Bella, I would have ditched Edward a long time ago... the only thing he has going for him are his looks, and being a vampire. In my book, the latter characteristic is key. Like I said, I'm a sucker for vampires! But if anyone were to sway me from my weird devotion, it would be that wolf boy ;) Maybe I'm team Volturi... Italian vampires? Yes please.
*Little Miss is crawling!!!
*As much as I love nursing, I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should continue with it or give up. You see, I'm really worried about my health. Physically and mentally. And I can't really do what I need to do to help my health without it affecting my milk supply. But then again, I feel like nursing is the one thing I've triumphed over this year...
*I love going to the temple. I wish I could go every day and all day. I am constantly craving the peace and strength that comes from visiting often.
*Anyone interested in an online quilt group? We could share projects, organize block exchanges, talk stash, sew on and sew forth ;) It could be fun! Please tell me you'll think about it.
*Really wanting to relearn how to knit, applique, and embroider. I'd also like to try my hand at rug-making... there I go, preemptively throwing myself into crafts again!
*Since the past few Octobers haven't been the best, I might have to change my favorite holiday from Halloween to Christmas. Red and green are my two favorite colors, after all ;)
*If I could choose one word to wear around my neck or to hang on my walls, it would be BELIEVE. I love that word. It's filled with hope and magic.

How's that for random??? *B


  1. Hope things get better for you Beth:) Thinking of you. xoxo Shellie PS your little elsie is adorable and Will looks sooo old now!! Crazy how the time flies!

  2. You're such a lovely person Beth. All of your fabulous creations are lovely (including those gorgeous children of yours!). And one day, you're life will feel just as lovely as you are.

    And seriously?? That comic?? Honestly, I didn't get it at all. Thanks for the wiki explanations to help out the less knowledgable, such as myself, hahaha!!!

    Also, mad props for staying focused on the temple. It's more than I can say for many people I've known that have chosen to go down an opposite path when faced with difficult circumstances.

  3. My dearest B. I miss you tons. i wish we wern't oceans apart so we could complain about our miseries together.. i am having quite a rough patch too. much different then yours but deep inside oh so much the same.. i miss you and i know it will all be good in the end.. if its not good it's not the end ;) LOVE U XOXOX :*

  4. Glad to see you talking out your woes. That always helps to clear the brain and heart so you can move forward. And YEAH!!! you will be getting your own home soon! Now we can really go shopping for fun stuff. I'm always here for the ups and the downs. Love you more than ever!

  5. Sorry you're feeling down. I was feeling rather cheated myself, until I tried out a preschool/daycare for Isaac, and it was a horrid 3rd world kind of place, and I realized what a blessing it was that I didn't have to leave my babies there.

    Maybe that makes me a rotten person, that I'm not grateful until I see another's misfortune... but it sure made me stop complaining about my lot in life :)

  6. I pretty much love your random...it makes me realize how real life is and how I am not alone in so many of my emotions and thoughts...phew.

    I am sorry life can be stinky sometimes. Here is hoping that this is as stinky as it gets...from here on out its smooth sailing!

    As for the quilt group! Count me in!

  7. Shannon6:26 AM

    Hang in there Beth. I just read that your offer was accepted on the condo! Congratulations! Natalie and I saw New Moon on Saturday and completely enjoyed it. I didn't even mind the changes from the book. I agree they are lame but I still like them.


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