almost famous

A couple of days ago Brad came across this article. Naturally, he thought it might interest me ;) So, I dutifully passed on the information to the Lex. As in the Twilight Lexicon. And then, they mentioned me! Yeah, when they say "TY to Beth for pointing it out" that's me! I'm Beth! And I am oh so cool now.

So I started thinking about all of my encounters with the famous. The Black Apple mentioned, and linked, me on her blog once. That was pretty awesome. And Heather Bailey came and visited my little blog and even left a comment! That sure was exciting, too. And then there's all the people we chanced to meet while living in Malibu, CA: Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards, Jay Leno (driving one of his fancy cars), guy from Burn Notice, Fred from Buffy, Wesley Crusher (real nice guy) and Data from Star Trek, Dr. Klopeck from The 'Burbs, and of course, our personal favorite, Richard Dean Anderson, aka. Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG-1, also known as MacGyver. I feel like I'm missing someone... anyway, fun times in the Golden State!

And there you have it! My brief brushes with fame. Maybe someday I'll meet Stephenie Meyer. She lives here, you know. *B


  1. Sheesh. You're practically famous by association...

    Let's see for me--I met the Japanese bad, bald dude from TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze; Kirby Heybourne; most recently the pop-artist known as Lights (we're BFF's now); and craziest of all, John Travolta (under very strange circumstances however)!

    It must be something about us, sis. Like, our hair maybe?

  2. I always knew you were famous Beth. way cool.

  3. and you could easily be mistaken for Reese Witherspoon, let's not forget that...

  4. Shannon6:03 AM

    Wasn't Ricky Schroeder in your ward too or something like that?

  5. That is so awesome. I'm loving all your posts. The ladies at the Twilight Lex are awesome! We do stuff w/ them through Twilight Moms.

    You do need to meet Stephenie. She's amazing and so nice to talk to. When I finally get to meet you face to face, then I'll be making my blog post of famous people I finally got to meet!! :) You'll be better than meeting Rob and working w/ the Twilight cast at TwiCon. They were all great to meet.


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B