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Is it just me or does it seem like all of Blogland is slowing down? I mean, unless you're a somebody, hardly anyone visits (let alone comments) on your blog. Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining about this latest trend. It's just that I've heard a lot (and felt the same) about feeling pressured to be popular or go private.

I didn't start blogging just because everyone else was doing it. I started it for me. I've talked about it in the past, but I really do want this blog to be mine. To be a journal of sorts. But a journal worth sharing. I want it to mean something to me, my family, and my friends. Some of those friends are real-life best friends. But more often than not, those friends are acquaintances reconnected or friends that I've met through various online communities. The start of these friendships does not matter so much as the relationship... and I am always up for making, and keeping, friends!

Anyway, I started wondering why I read the blogs I do. And I started thinking of blogs I admire. There's Clarissa for her consistency, Camille for her creativity, NieNie for her strength, Heather for her tenacity... and the list goes on. And I realized that I want to be that kind of a blogger. For me. And for you (the reader). Not because I want to be the next big thing, or because there's an assumed responsibility, but because I want to be better. I want to write down my thoughts, hopes and dreams, to reveal my struggles and celebrate my triumphs, to share my crafts/projects, to show off my cute kids, etc. I want to post it all and I know at least someone out there wants to read some of it.

So, I have an idea. Really, it's my game plan... I have a nifty little trick that helps me plan meals day after day and I'm going to try and apply the same concept to my blogging. And that, my friends, is the secret of themes. Call me lame, or just plain silly, but I think it just might work! I'm going to at least try it and we'll see what happens ;) For now, I'm thinking of having Random Mondays, Creative Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Thrifted Thursdays, Funny Fridays, and Sacred Sundays. Maybe I'll throw in a Sharing Saturday, haha. Basically, there may or may not be a brand new post every day... it will just depend.

I want to be a better blogger. I think it's good for me. It's what I need, for now. *B


  1. I'm glad you've been blogging more! I see my blog as a place to keep track of events and organize photos until I can get around to scrapbooking them...

  2. Sounds wonderful! You do have a way with words, and I love reading your stuff. Hope things are going okay for you guys even though stuff is hard. Love you!

  3. YOU'RE DEDICATING TO BLOGGING AGAIN?? LOVE IT! I have always loved your blog, for your inspiration--and I am glad you are going to be making a comeback.

    I am still here reading...when you post. :)

    And I hope blogging helps journal out all the stuff in the air right now. Hang in there!!

  4. Beth, I love every post you do...no matter when it is or what it is about! You have such a way with thoughts, words and creativity! And I'll always be reading...

  5. Hey...I still love reading your blog. It's refreshing to hear the real stuff as well as the overcoming stuff. I love one of Pres Hinckley's quotes that says something like...Things will work out...they always do. No matter how bad they seem they always work out.
    Hang in there!

  6. Even if I get to see you almost every day I still love to read your blog. You inspire me, amuse me and lift me!

  7. sorry i don't always comment, but i'm reading

  8. i am elated this blog is back :) i've missed you so.


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