published in 1968

I scored this little gem at our local Goodwill. It caught my eye... I quickly glanced around the room and then quickly grabbed it for my own! It will go absolutely PERFECT in Elsie's room (when she has one). See, it even matches her bedding ;)

It's full of sweet little pictures, songs, stories (with morals!), etc. I love it oh so much and it makes me so very happy. *B


  1. Shannon6:00 AM

    Wow! It appears to be in great shape for such an old book. You're a good shopper.

  2. It is perfect! Glad you found something to make you smile. We'll have to keep looking for more opportunities.

  3. My sister collects classic childrens books too. She's found some great first editions that were absolute steals...

  4. Yay for fun little things that make life a tiny bit brighter! :)


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