where have we been?

D-land, of course! Most of Brad's family (minus Ashley's trio and Elder Summers) came down last week and we all met up at the theme park. It was sooooooo fun to see everyone. It's been way too long. Will loved meeting and hanging out with his cousins. What a fun group of kids, eh? Too bad Gracie wasn't feeling up to a photo shoot... and aren't my sisters-in-law total babes?! And yes, they always look that good. And if I look tired, it's because I was.

{Will busting a move}

{From left to right: James, Grant, Seth, Scott and Monk}

{Everyone standing in line for Pirates --Father Summers is behind the camera}

{Ellen, me and Christa after a lonnnnnnnnng day in front of Monstropolis}

Notice those passes around our necks? They were instant fast passes for the best rides! It was awesome. Mother Summers thought it was a miracle we got them, haha. It was pretty amazing though. Let's hear it for the wish granter and the year of a million dreams! We also got some pretty sweet Family Reunion pins. Brad only realized they had the Incredibles on them after the end of the day. That's my husband for ya! Annnnnd we got some free Mickey Mouse bread loafs, too. The whole day was just perfect.

That night we crashed at Mom & Dad's hotel. The next morning we enjoyed a nice meal at Coco's in Anaheim where I met Ashley and her cute little family, of all people! Random!!! And then, on Sunday Jon & Christa's gang joined us for a little California action. We're trying to talk them into coming out here. Especially since Jon is toying with the idea of taking the CA bar when Brad does. It would be awesome if they did. [sigh] I just love Brad's family. I really lucked out with some great in-laws...

Good times. I mean, awesome times. *B


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You've been in DISNEYLAND!?! That's my favorite place in the world!! No joke! Happiness + Magical + the smell of waffle cones on Main Street = One happy girl!!

    I'm glad you're back safely! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment!! I'll be writing a new entry about it all soon, but I actually ended up having contractions on Saturday :( But, thank god, no labour. So now... I'm on TOTAL bed rest..! But otherwise fine, no more contractions etc., and the baby is doing #1 - they made another ultrasound lol Yay more pictures! I think as long as I REST as they said, I should be fine... I hope..! :P

  3. I'm glad you had fun with that side of your family. This side of your family wishes they could have been there with you!

  4. I really want to go to Disneyland! Joseph has never been.... And, you know we would move to Cali in 2 seconds - it is just the issue of getting accepted to that school... We are still hoping!

  5. Oooooh... so jealous. I'm already missing it so much and I'm so tot-ally jealous of your fast passes. I mean we were excited for our free cotton candy, but fast passes! So lucky!

  6. I love the pictures! I miss Ellen and Christa! It's been too long since we've all been together. How fun to have the whole family together!!! I can't wait to see them next month when the pass through to get David in Mexico. You should come to....... hint, hint!

  7. Oh and I forgot to say, you guys all look gorgeous in your picture of you, Ellen and Christa!

  8. Kim (olivejuice)10:10 PM

    Get the heck OUT!! WE went to d-land the 22-26! Looks like we just missed ya. :(

  9. I love the pictures, and your nutrition info.is awesome. I love learning about it too!

  10. Miss B, is it really true you ran into Park and Ash at Disneyland? That is a crack-up!!! It really is a SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL. Thanks for the yummy recipe. I'll try it this week.


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