impatiently waiting

for this:
My dear, smarty-pants husband is building me a brand new and screaming fast computer! I love him. And NewEgg.

I can't wait! *B


  1. Lucky!
    Ryan has been begging me to get a new computer. I just can't justify getting one right now. Maybe after he starts working.

  2. How cool is that- being able to tell people that your hub MADE you a computer. Take every chance you get... no joke. HA! And little William is so grown up! When did he get cuter? I could have sworn it wasn't possible but somehow he managed to do so.

  3. weee! this is cool. i'm so impressed with people who can build computers. totally boggles my mind. i'm excited for you! :)

  4. You guys are so lucky. I hate our stupid, old, junk computer.

  5. how exciting! what fun!

  6. my hubby built himself a fancy gaming computer... and got everything from New Egg. It works, so far so good :)


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