happy bag tag

Good news everyone! I found my battery charger! Which means this blog may now be graced with pictures again! Huzzah! And to celebrate, I'm crossing off another tag from my list of tags-to-do.

Behold, my purse:

and its stuff:
  1. wipes in a baggie, and might I add that diapers usually accompany them...
  2. gum
  3. chapstick in a tube NOT lipstick. Do I look like I wear lipstick?!
  4. mirror (mostly for the kiddies, not me)
  5. bobby pins
  6. pretzels, and usually a few more other treats for Monk, including his sippy cup
  7. PEZ, to hyper the kid up before Nursery. I wonder where the dispenser is...
  8. half a sheet of stickers, usually accompanied by a mini notebook and crayons
  9. dinosaur finger puppets, minust T-rex. He's being washed.
  10. tissues
  11. trash (just one piece, surprisingly)
  12. fake plant for the now dead fish. Who, by the way, was named after THE Sheldon J. Plankton. Anyway, the cheap greenery is waiting to be returned.
And there you have it. It's definitely a mama bag. And there's usually more crap (and some emergency feminine products) shoved in there. I wonder where it all went... and no, I did NOT clean it out before sharing it. You're not supposed to. Thanks to Mary for the fun tag. I tag Lindsey, Lace, Kelly, Stie, Holly and Allie.

And tomorrow, I start sharing pictures of my new apartment!
I know you're all dying of anticipation, right... about... now... *B


  1. do you want just a bigger picture of the bag? i just drew the skull on the fabric and cut it out, so i don't have a picture for you to trace.

  2. when i say draw, i meant i just free-handed it on.

  3. I love your bag!!! I like the finger puppets...hahaha they're so funny. I wish I had finger puppets in my bag! :)

  4. where's the wallet?
    or do people in Cali barter the Pez?

  5. oooh....fun! Love the purse! Look at you go! :)

  6. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. I will be back. You know they say your purse tells a lot about us. I would be scared to show you mine! Ha!

  7. Yay, I'm not tagged!! :D I prefer answering a questionnaire than emptying out my purse LOL God, I don't even want to go there... :)

    Now, if I could also find my charger... ;-)

  8. I love your cute bag!

  9. Pretty clean I'd say! Course I know you don't really use this as a purse--it's just a fashion statement with a few tidbits for Will inside!

  10. definitely a mom bag. love the green! and the pez.

  11. very cute purse, indeed. I've been hunting and hunting for a cute purse and have yet to find one... where do you guys shop that you find such cute stuff? And dang that's a clean bag... I would never empty my purse for the world to see... I always leave it safely zipped up for fear that someone would see what a slob I really am...


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