it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Some background: Will had asked prior to filming if he could sing a silly birthday song.  I said no, because 1.) we already sang a silly birthday song in the car, and 2.) I hate how disruptive/distracting it is.  Call me over-reactive, but I think it's borderline rude...  I don't like how it detracts from the special occasion; whether you're at someone's birthday party, or on someone's doorstep singing Christmas carols.  It's one thing to sing silly songs for fun, as a family or with your friends, but when it's time to perform I think it's only appropriate to sing appropriately.

And so, on Elsie's special day, Will chose to ignore my request and that's why you hear his name called out.  And then he blew out her candle.  And so, if you look up 3/11 on our calendar, you won't see "Elsie's birthday" written on it.  Instead, you will notice William's handwriting, declaring it to be the "worse day of my life" - the day he lost his cupcake.

You have just witnessed my parenting in action.  *B


  1. I think it's a big brother's job to be annoying. And a younger brother's. Well, probably just brothers in general!

  2. Oh dear! Elsie is a doll!

  3. I love that she just couldn't get her breath to that flame!

    and, aww, he was just excited. ;)


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