in the bleak midwinter

This is what I like to call our backyard.  We live on the bottom floor of a three story apartment complex, so we don't technically have a yard of our own.  But our apartment is backed right up against the green belt, so at least we don't have the concrete jungle to stare at out our windows.  It is frequently overcast here, which isn't too horrible in and of itself...  The rain isn't half bad either; it's more misty than pouring.  As long as the sun makes an appearance every few days, or if I can catch a quick glimpse of the blue sky every now and then, I'm good.  Not so good: our apartment is dark, even with all the lights turned on and all the shades drawn.  It gets a little suffocating at times, and so I tend to daydream about being surrounded by acres and acres of open land.  The sky is oppressive enough, but being surrounded by trees and then living in what's essentially a basement...  It gets a little depressing at times.  And now that Fall has come and gone, all the pretty trees are naked and all that's left is gray and green.  Gray sky and gray bark coupled with green grass, green pines, and green moss.  It's all foreign to me.

Autumn was beautiful, with all the different colored leaves.  But I hear Spring is even better.  I can't wait!  *B


  1. Wow, that's a beautiful view :)

  2. I love green (in nature, not on my walls...).

    and I hear ya on the lack of sunlight. oh the joys of living in a cave. and IMHO, those 'sun' lamps and lightbulbs don't help much (just a little bit, better than nothing, but nothing close to the real thing).

    I would love living right up against the greenbelt. that's awesome. we make our own greenbelt in the undeveloped trees near us (ignoring the no trespassing signs...it's owned by a bank in another state, like they're going to know. and I justify it even more because I'm not driving my car down there like so many others).

    I could have just said, "Agreed." but I ramble. :)

  3. It is very pretty but I understand. It's what I love most about AZ--the beautiful blue sky filled with sunshine, even when it's 110+ degrees. Anything but gray and clouds and fog and more gray....cross your fingers some blue sky appears this next week!

  4. Which city do you live in?

    1. Issaquah. Why, are you guys moving up here???


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