happiness is...

I know the day of thanks is coming up fast (where in the hey did the month go?!), and many have posted their thankfuls. Along those lines, I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy. I'm still in love with our not-so-new (anymore) new place and I still find myself smiling at things around my home. We may not live in a house, and who knows when we will! But I'm glad I've been able to make a home for me and my family; a place where we can find peace and comfort in a time where our lives are still full of uncertainties... so, here are just a few things in and around my abode that make me happy:

my family room

especially my couch (thanks Andrea!) AND my newish pillows (thanks mom!)

my happy little tree towels

my sewing machine; she's a CHAMP!
I've got lots of fun things in store for you Miss Kenmore ;)

and most of all, this face!

See, so much to be thankful for! And believe me, I am :)
So, what brings you happiness this fine season? *B


  1. That is an adorable picture!! He is so cute! I should think about what I am grateful for too...this month really is flying by!

  2. This post makes me happy. I love hearing from you! And I really wish you and Miss Kenmore were here to decorate my house. I am clueless at that kind of stuff...but you, my friend, definitely have a knack for it!

  3. your couch looks very much like mine!

  4. My happiness:

    Finishing my first ever crochet gift for Christmas
    My mother's piano
    Upcycled paper projects
    Dreaming of my own backyard
    Coming up on my last undergraduate finals EVER
    Munchikin smiles
    Apples from my Grandma's tree

    I enjoy your blog!

  5. I love your house pictures! It looks like a happy place to live. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm happy that I'll be with {part of} my family on Christmas. Yeah!

  6. That last picture is what makes my Thanksgiving happy! I like the pictures!
    (Maybe you should have thrown in a picture of the quilt I gave you!)

  7. love the house pics!! And of course Will, but need I mention that?

  8. Love your throw pillows. Didn't you used to have some framed tinfoil? Whatever happened to that? Your boy is too adorable, he DOES have a lovable face!

  9. Beautiful pictures!! I love the pillows and towels and your whole living room!!
    BUT your son is the cutest picture of all.


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