yo-yo for yogurt

Let me start off by saying that I use curdled & cultured milk (aka. yogurt) in almost everything. It's my most favorite go-to substitute. I eat it for breakfast: in my beautiful bowl, with Kashi granola, rice milk, and sliced nectarines. Perfect. I eat it for lunch: black-bean chicken quesadillas (grilled corn tortillas) served with yogurt-salsa mixture. Excellent. I eat it for dinner: turkey meatballs with mushroom yogurt cream sauce and brown jasmine rice. Awesome. Obviously, I'm in love with the stuff.

And since moving to this fabulous golden state, I've discovered two divine froze-yo spots: Pinkberry and Barenaked Yogurt. Apparently the former is huge amongst the stars, but my eatery of choice is the latter. Upon first bite, Pinkberry dazzles. There's no lie, it's just plain yummy (and I'm dying to try the green tea flavor in THE worst way)! But it's super sweet, which means the last bite is a little much. However, I could eat 8-24 ounces (that would be upwards of three servings) of Barenaked Yogurt with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips, EVERYDAY.

Nonetheless, I don't. However, luckily I have a godsend: the Vita-Mix. I make my own frozen dairy treat. Only three ingredients (unless you count the chocolate chip topping, making it four):
  1. 1 c. yogurt
  2. 1/3 c. sugar/honey (unless served with aforementioned goodness... in which case, "less is more")
  3. 3 c. frozen strawberries
Makes three servings. I have one, the hub has one, and Monk drinks a melted down version in his sippy cup. Voila! a Summers' treat. Enjoy (and I'll have pictures to show you tomorrow)! *B


  1. It's true, she eats yogurt like there's no tomorrow. And although I don't quite share her love for it, it's better than nothing.

  2. Beth,
    Your theme song isn't currently working (at least for me). It may work in the future, of course. Just thought I'd let you know.

    And I haven't had yogurt in a long time. After my wisdom teeth came out and that was like the only thing I ate for a week, I'm done with the stuff. :)

  3. I'm just so envious that you have a vitamix! Every time I see them at Costco I just WISH I had one.

  4. mmmm- i love yogurt too - and your recipe sounds tasty!

  5. If I come visit you in Malibu, will you take me to the yogurt places? I have been reading about Pinkberry a lot lately on "The Blogs." I am quite intrigued. I hardly ever eat yogurt because I try not to eat that much dairy, but I would love a no-fat substitue for ice cream in the summer.

  6. I think I would like the sweeter frozen yogurt. Especially if I could add some chocolate and nuts! Next time we come out, okay?

  7. Shannon6:51 AM

    It sounds like my favorite dessert, Very Berry Nutty Pie, but it's real whipped cream instead of yogurt and the chocolate chips and nuts are in the baked cracker/eggwhite crust. The strawberries are piled high in the whipped cream. So atually it's nothing like your yogurt. But it still sounds great!

  8. yummy recipe- thanks. Green tea ice cream, and fro-yo are huge in Japan (big surprise). I don't love it- but maybe I would if I were a tea drinker!


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