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So I still don't have my pictures yet from the holiday that's been over for almost an entire week.5. I also didn't take pictures of my homemade fro-yo because we didn't make it! Bah. But when I do, there will be pics, oh yes, there will be pics. Anyway, here are some photos of those projects my brother and I worked on a few weeks ago. Take a gander:

He is one talented teenager (and handsome too!)! Just be aware all you young ladies out there, he's not yet 16, so back off! And I mean that in the kindest way possible. Anyway, he created that snazzy t-shirt he's wearing above. And he designed the one featured on the left along with the four green spades on blue, all while he was staying here. The other ones he made while at home. He's got an amazing eye for design, wouldn't you say? And the name is "Anker". Custom orders welcome. :)

And I made these little onesies for her and her. Or should I say, for their boy babes who will be wearing them. The patches are a wee bit wonky but I just figured that added extra charm. That's what I tell myself to appease my nasty perfectionism. I still have a few finishing touches to do, but all in all, I think they're hecka cute!

I plan on making a handful of tees for Monk's birthday next month using the same technique. And I want to make him one of these too. Yes, his numero two bday is in a month! I can't believe it...

PS- I posted a very interesting article about a debatable topic over on my Mess...


  1. Yes, he is a handsome boy/man! I take credit for that, and all your clever craftiness, too!

  2. He's a cutie... he'll kill the girls in those shirts. I can't wait to try that cool technique myself. You're a treasure house of crafty goodness, woman!

  3. So cute! Thanks a million, Beth!

  4. ooh, fun! I'll be waiting by the door for it to come in the mail. Kind of... besides, I like to get mail (even if it's only bills - i'm weird). it's cute Beth, I'm rather excited!

  5. I'd have to agree he has some major talent! I think it's a family thing!

  6. Love those!!! Your brother and you need to open shop!! Seriously!


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