fingers crossed

Our lease is coming to an end shortly, and so we've had to make the difficult decision to stay or leave.  Rent here is expensive, and the apartments here like to think they're just as good as houses...  Brad has a promotion in the works, but we're waiting for official approval.  And so, we've been house hunting.

No, we're not quite in the market to buy and we won't be for a while longer.  We're simply looking at homes to rent.  And it is a nightmarish process.  But, miracle of miracles happened and we found a darling little place, that just happens to be nearby, on 1.5 acres!  With a chicken coop, gardening beds, and indoor hot-tub!!  And get this, the owner is LDS (well known, used to be in our Stake) -- and for a minimal deposit (that we will get back if Brad's promotion does not go through), he is willing to sit on it for two months until we are able to move in!!!

And so now we wait.  Patience is sooo not my virtue.  *B


  1. Fingers Crossed!!!
    A dream come true & i hope it does for you!!!

  2. Oh, it sounds good. I think it will work out.

  3. haha, I read 1.5 acres and all I could think of was the maintenance. :) does a riding lawn mower come with the house?

    good luck!

    1. Why yes, it does come with a riding lawn mower!

  4. Oh, I hope it all comes through for you! It sounds wonderful and just what your family and your heart needs. :) Good luck!

  5. SO cool. Things somehow work out...


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B