public service announcement II

Just thought you should know that I am NOT pregnant.  I've gotten a few erroneous congratulatory emails...  they're mostly funny, and leave me wanting to both cry and do more sit-ups!  It's been a while (seven months), but still not nearly as long as some.  Who am I to complain?  I have so much to be grateful for!  And I am grateful.  But, my heart is ready for more.  My tummy begs for internal tickling and my arms ache for external wiggling.  It's all I can think about.  And still I wait.  *B


  1. I'm sorry Beth! I know how bad it hurts. Hang in there.

  2. I'm sorry friend, I've been there, it's bad every month that goes by. Let me know if you want to vent. By the way thanks for venting on your blog it makes me feel a little bit more normal. Hugs!!!


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