On my mind lately:

  • I like to end my day in a house whose floors are picked up and whose dishes are done.  I realize it will not, and does not, stay in this "clean" state throughout the day.  But, I'm ok with that.  As long as it's "clean" when I go to bed, I'm good.
  • If/when we have another kid, I hope it's a girl.  Mostly because I want her to share a room with Elsie.  And because the family of Dick & Jane fame had an older brother with two younger sisters :)
  • It doesn't matter how short/long you've been trying for a baby.  If no baby comes, it hurts the same.
  • Husband is taking the Bar.  Again.  I am a single mother.  Again.
  • I'm getting the itch to move.  Mostly because we're used to moving every couple of years...
  • I'm getting ready to take the GRE.  Yikes.
  • It has been two years since we (yes, we) graduated from law school.  In another year, we will have been career-less for as long as we were in law school.
  • I have no idea how we make ends meet, but we do.  Thank God.
  • I love my son dearly.  But sometimes he reminds me of a little brother, and therefore drives me crazy!
  • I wish I was a cowgirl.
  • I sorta love Arizona now.  Weird.
  • I want to drown in fabric.  I want to have my bed sheets over my head, wear nothing but huge clothes and do nothing but sew quilts.
  • I really want a nice camera.  I think I'm the only one with a standard point-and-shoot.
  • Apparently I could get away with calling myself a nutritionist, at least in the state of AZ.  But, I've decided to call myself a lifestyle coach.
  • I feel broken, and punished.  I know I'm not, but that's how I feel.  Maybe if I didn't yell so much...
  • I wish I smiled/laughed more.
And I'm sure there's more where that came from!  *B


  1. That last one is the story of my life. I rarely ever laugh anymore. It's so rare it's sad.
    We should get together and just laugh. at least try to:)

  2. i like you beth. i need to smile and laugh more too. and i wish i never yelled at my tots. sigh...

    p.s. i have a half-broken point-and-shoot.... and that's all. you're not alone! :)

    p.p.s. Things will work out... There is always hope.

  3. I understand what you mean, Beth. Infertility sucks, no matter how long it's gone on or if you already have one or more children. My struggle with inferility taught me, among other things, that so much of our struggles are about acceptance of the Lord's will (and His timing) in our lives. No matter what it is. I don't know if that's what it's about for you, but I thought I'd tell you that. I'm going to assume that by now you have received a blessing from Brad about this. If you haven't, you might want to consider it. I know other people with point and shoots. You could also be like me and buy a nice DSLR camera but still use it as a point and shoot because you're too lazy to learn how to use it. I have the itch to move right now too. It sounds so fun to pack it all up and get a fresh start in a new place. However, there are several stumbling blocks to such a thing. Good luck to Brad on the Bar!

  4. you are a amazing and real. We all go up and down, and watching my sister in law struggle with trying to get pregnant is heart breaking. There is nothing to say or do that improves the facts. I admire you, and wish the silver lining were a little brighter on days that seem so dim. _dayna

  5. I just wanted to say that I love you, Beth! I know I don't talk to you often or even comment very often but I think of you all the time. You would be a great "Life Coach". Maybe you should advertise on Craig's list.

  6. I've struggled with wanting a baby and not getting one when I wanted. You probably couldn't guess that by looking at my family now, but 8-9 years ago that's where I was. Life has taught me that babies get sent to us on The Lords timetable, not ours. They don't come when we plan them and they get sent to us when we least expect them!

  7. Good luck to Brad! And to you, as well, with everything you are hoping for! Love ya!


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