a recap sans photos

in no particular order...

  • runny noses, ringing ears, etc.
  • (unfinished) Christmas projects
  • empty pockets
  • full hearts
  • a trip to Leavenworth (aka. winter wonderland)
  • the death of my beloved grandfather
  • tooting my own horn (literally)
  • school drama
  • Bones marathons
  • playing hooky
  • new callings
  • making/eating cookies
  • steeping/drinking tea
  • decorating
  • designing
  • shopping
  • wrapping
  • cleaning
  • broken dishwasher
  • wood floors!!!
Pictures coming in the near future.  *B


  1. Wow! I've got a similar list - I've got the sickies in all kids, very-nearly-unfinished-but-saved-at-the-last-minute gifts, Bones marathon, lotsa cookies, all that deco-shop-clean-wrap stuff...AND a broken dishwasher! (but that got fixed...I just meant that it HAD happened).

    Sorry about your grandpa.
    And I'm so jealous about your Leavenworth trip! I lived in WA for a year and got to go several times - miss it!

  2. Aunt Shannon6:38 AM

    That's a lot to fit in one little month.


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B