while the cat is away,

the mice will play!

And this little mouse
lives in this pretty house
(for now)

And plays with fabric, yarn and strings,
and other such non-kitty things

And she has the best of playmates!
Yay for cousins, Nana, and this little face
(happy 4 months to my missy!)

All while Mr. Feline goes to his books,
with tired sighs and forlorn looks...
(only 2.5 weeks to go!)*B


  1. my goodness that precious little girl looks just like her mother!

    I am loving the peeks at your creations as of late.
    I need to learn how to knit (again)
    maybe I'll get back into my own craft room.

  2. Two things - How in the world do you have time to make such magnificent creations!? And, I don't think Elsie could get any cuter!! She really is gorgeous, Beth! Oh and third - Good luck to Brad on his big test!

  3. She has grown up so much. She is a sweetie for sure. I also love the quilt fabric...and did you crochet the dress as well. WOWZERS.

  4. I would definitely agree- no little critters around the beautiful creations (does that include children, haha, because otherwise I don't know how you keep them so PERFECT!!).

    And that little doll has the prettiest blue eyes :)

  5. Wow... your little girl looks just like you! She is so cute and so adorable.

  6. What pretty blue eyes!

  7. Such a cute house, such a cute project, and such a cute little darling! You are so creative and talented and without a doubt such a fantastic mama!

  8. She is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

  9. What a sweet post! How I've missed reading your blog! Thank you for the happy comments about the wedding! I hope you are doing well!!

  10. Love the house! Beautiful girl :D


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