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Most anything nowadays sends me into a panic mode. This includes, but is not limited to, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry and even Gmail. Or anything related to computers... that, especially, is whacko. My computer is like my second (soon to be third) child! So I am currently in the habit of being lazy and just saying "no" to anything (or anyone, sadly) that requires much of my attention. It's a miracle the house hasn't burned down. Yet.

Sorry, no pictures and no stories about how this is our last year here, how all three of us Summers have celebrated our birthdays, and/or how we have decked our halls for the holidays! Someday I will, and maybe some day soon (tomorrow?!).

But not now, because it makes me panic. *B


  1. Maybe you need to come home for Christmas! Just kidding. You will have a lovely time by yourselves and all will be well again one day soon! (In the meantime, breathe deeply and find your happy place.)

  2. panic? what exactly are you panicing about? I didn't catch that.

  3. sorry you are feeling so stressed out right now. Hope you are able to relax and enjoy some time with your family for the holidays!

  4. When you are pregnant you can get away with anything!! Don't feel bad when laziness takes priority because it's perfectly okay!! Just sit back and enjoy the holidays and this healthy pregnancy and don't worry about anything or anyone else!! =) Merry Christmas!!

  5. You have to celebrate your successes, and when you're having a dreary run, the house not burning down is TRULY a success.

    It's nice to know that you're family comes first. Even though I love to read your posts, I love even more that you're not willing to sacrifice your kiddo to do it :)


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